The Yoke invites viewers to use mental images and allow themselves to be infused with the reality of ideas to break down the illusory barrier that exists between thought and subject, between mind and matter.

The Yoke is intended to express the creative in a series of playful and contemporary set-ups: the game of mystery, the game of mirrors, the game of love, the game of art and the game of spontaneity.

The Yoke uses the body as a universal link in bold postures that efface the dogma often associated with yoga to place the practice in the realm of art.

The Yoke allows us to enter a realm where art combines poetry and incongruity, in scenes as diverse as the artificiality of the photographer’s studio, the natural beauty of the Indian landscape, and the fantastical desert surroundings of the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

The Yoke brings together for the first time in 2008 an artistic duo and their respective talents:
- the visual and creative vision of artist-yogini Isabelle Derigo
- the photographer’s eye of Thomas Dorn

“Yoke” designates a harness and, by extension, what unites. In Sanskrit, “yuj” is the root of the word “Yoga”, which means to link, bind, unite, direct and concentrate one’s attention.

© 2010 Thomas Dorn et Isabelle Derigo