Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Isabelle Derigo has travelled extensively, from the United States to Asia and Australia. She has developed a passion for experimental art and spirit cultures. Her first artistic work truly began in 2000 when she joined the workshop of Daniel Grataloup, a well-known artist-architect based in Geneva. She infused her painting with her passion for yoga, creating aboriginal inspired Mandalas that created finite space offering infinite possibilities. Her research on the process of inner creation encouraged her to explore other venues. In 2008, she entered into a partnership with Thomas Dorn to work on an extensive project revolving around staged photography, using the intense graphic nature of the yogic body, with which she is very familiar, as a creative tool.
Thomas Dorn manages to reach the subtlety of art through his portraits. After having worked as the assistant of Peter Lindbergh, Ben Oyne and many others, he find his own eye crossing Africa, where he developed the sensitivity that can be found in his pictures.
He brought back a book that has reached cult status: “Houn-Noukoun”. A definitive work, in the same vein as his designs of a number of record sleeves and booklets.
He discovered yoga while working on the book “Kumbh Mela”, which covers the largest spiritual gathering in the world on the banks of the Ganges.
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